Our core competencies


We are quick!

Daily updated, you will find under the menu item “OUR STOCK” all the products, which can be delivered in short time from us to you, mostly still within the same day! All listed parts will be not only simply be distributed from us, they are also really in our possession.

You have maximum access!

We have nearly 10000 available articles from german suppliers in our database. The mark “OEM” in our stocklist indicates you, which items we can procure for you normally within 2-3 days.

Our good noses will find also parts for you, which are almost exists no more!

You require components, which are obsolete or can be not delivered from the regular distribution? For the very hard cases, we have a longtime and careful built up network.

We want you to be satisfied with our products!

For this reason suppliers from countries like China or Hong Kong are a no go area for us, due to common quality problems, such as counterfeit or manipulated parts!

The suppliers of CleverTrade will be previously checked carful! We meet a high quality standard relating to the control of our deliveries, proper storage and handling of the components. So we can ensure, that the parts you get, are absolute properly.

Overstock management

You have overstock, which you do not need anymore?

We help you, to make money from dead capital! Through years of specialization and handling with global networks, it is possible for us to offer your overstock worldwide.

CleverTrade can offer you two options.

In both cases, we ask you to send us first your overstock-list. We will make an evaluation of your components.

Option A

We do the international marketing for you.

The goods remain in your stock and we will offer them to our global partners.
This service is without any costs or obligations for you!

Option B

We buy the parts on our stock!